Elycio Talen - Professional, Practical and Personal

“Talen Twente's results-oriented approach and personal supervision offered me the benefit of making immediate use of my new skills in practice - so I rapidly achieved more success with my customers!”
William van der Veen, Optelecom-NKF b.v.

Conducting business abroad involves people, and success is frequently dependent on good communications. And how do you achieve good communications? The answer is very simple: you need to speak the language of your business partner. Talen Twente offers you language courses that enable you to communicate in every region of the world, from Arabic to Swedish. Our professional language trainers teach you in a practical manner, focused on your sector. You can put the skills you learn in the morning into practice in the afternoon.

Speaking a different language often involves a different way of thinking. All languages are accompanied by a specific etiquette, and a thorough familiarity of the etiquette greatly simplifies conducting business in the relevant language. Consequently Talen Twente's courses teach you both the language and the culture in the relevant country. We not only teach you the language: we also supply the manual, since a thorough understanding of the local culture is in your business interests.

'Elycio' is Latin for ‘bring about', and that is a precise description of the objective of our language courses: the effective use of language. To this end we offer you a wide range of courses, individual, in a group, in-company, at your home, or abroad. We enter into close consultations with you or your organisation to prepare a customised course that meets your needs.

Does your diary offer insufficient scope for training on specific days? If so, e-learning will nevertheless enable you to follow our language courses. Talen Twente is specialised in e-learning facilities, and offers a number of online language-course programmes. Alternatively, you can opt for blended learning, the ideal combination of face-to-face sessions and online training.

Talen Twente, which has CEDEO certification, has more than forty years of experience in the provision of language and culture courses. We use standing procedures for our courses: we conduct an intake interview to assess your command of the relevant language and, if necessary, we request you to take a language test. Are you interested? If so, you are welcome to contact one of our five national branches or our sister company Talen Twente.