Our method

“The combination of professionalism and conviviality: that's what I find most striking about Talen Twente. The intake meetings and administration are always completed perfectly, and everyone is always cordial. Moreover, the Editing & Communications one-to-one training is nothing less than brilliant. My trainer allowed me to discover the areas I needed to work on for myself, and that improved my assimilation of the subject matter. The excellent supervision has improved my writing skills, and the informal ambience made the lessons even better.”
Sandra Gyles, Galaxit

All Talen Twente language courses are preceded by a standing, results-oriented intake procedure and design of the course. Subsequent to a comprehensive verbal and written test of the participants' entry level they work through a number of phases focused on the effective development of their language skills.

  1. Thorough inventory of your learning goals, wishes and capabilities
  2. Preparation of a customised learning plan in consultation with you
  3. Structured and results-oriented approach to the course
  4. Harmonisation of the study material and working forms with everyday practice
  5. Interim evaluations for optimum harmonisation
  6. Concluding report, and recommendations for the acquisition of further language skills

Many customers praise the manner in which the courses are tailored to their specific needs, such as the in-depth questions about the participants' positions and their plans for the use of their new skills. Talen Twente also receives many compliments for the manner in which its trainers immerse themselves in the customer's sector prior to the course, and for their knowledge of technical terms and jargon.

Many references also praise the organisation and administration of the Talen Twente courses; in addition, the staff can always be contacted easily, and they exhibit a flexible attitude. New participants enrolling for a course can often start within a week. All agreements are honoured, and all invoices are submitted in accordance with the quotation. Are you interested in one of our courses? If so, you are welcome to make an appointment for an intake meeting - entirely without obligation.