Our trainers

“Unfortunately it was not possible to check "extremely good" on the evaluation form, because this was certainly applicable to Talen Twente's trainer. I did not experience the Monday evenings as lessons, but rather as meetings in which the speaker wished to share his knowledge and experience with us. It's a pity the course is over! Thank you for everything you did for us.”
John Otten, Scania Zwolle

Talen Twente has some 250 trainers who give language and culture lessons to a broad range of companies and organisations. All our trainers and translators are native speakers who are thoroughly familiar with the business culture of their country of birth, or are specialised in specific sectors such as finance, marketing or engineering and technology.

The respondents to our customer-satisfaction surveys have an extremely favourable opinion of our trainers. In particular, they are praised for their knowledge of the participants' sector, a knowledge which enables them to give many examples from practice. Many respondents also greatly appreciate the excellent feedback the participants receive from the trainers.

Talen Twente always ensures that all customers - for both group and individual courses - are assigned to the appropriate trainer for their needs. In addition, we assign permanent professional contact persons to our customers to ensure that all their needs and requirements are met.