Standardised language test for the objective measurement of your language skills

Talen Twente now offers a standardised online language test which enables you to make an extremely accurate assessment of the general language level of your (future) staff - or yourself. The performance exhibited during the test is assessed on the basis of the criteria of the Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference: Learning, Teaching, Assessment , as well as standards such as TOEIC and TOEFL. The test is suitable for every language level from beginners to native speakers. The end result is displayed immediately after the test.

Adaptive test in German, English, French, and Spanish

The test, which requires about 90 minutes to complete, is comprised of 180 multiple-choice questions that use video and audio fragments and text to assess the participant's language skills. Some questions need to be answered within a specified time. The test is fully adaptive, since the questions become more difficult when the previous questions are answered correctly.

The Elycio language test can be taken at every location with a PC which has Internet access and is equipped with loudspeakers or headphones. Self-evidently, it will be preferable to take the test somewhere quiet where you can concentrate.

How does it work?

Test results

Once you have completed the test your standardised score will be displayed immediately. The score is based on the criteria of the Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference: Learning, Teaching, Assessment. If you so require you can also receive a certificate from Talen Twente which states your test result.

How can I order the test and an access code?

A fee of € 80, exclusive of VAT, is charged for each test. The test can be ordered from every Talen Twente branch or by e-mail. We shall issue your access code immediately after receiving the test fee.

Technical requirements

You will need the following to take the test: a PC or laptop equipped with Internet access, Windows 98 or later; Internet Explorer 5 or later; Flash Player 6.0 or later (this will be loaded, where relevant; your PC will need to allow this), loudspeakers or headphones.