The ultimate mix: Blended learning

Talen Twente always endeavours to achieve the best results, and and for this reason has opted for blended learning - a combination of face-to-face sessions and online language training, based on the versatile online TellMeMore® training programme. This combination of learning methods offers the following benefits:

What you need for TellMeMore®

TellMeMore® requires a PC with at least Windows 95, 32 MB RAM, a sound card, and a CD-ROM player, as well as an Internet connection and an e-mail facility. You receive the licence and headset from Talen Twente.

Self-evidently, the programme can also be installed on a company intranet; we will be pleased to provide the technical details.

The licence

The licence is valid for 12 months.

Contact one of our branches for more information.