Effective, results-oriented writing

Does your target group understand your organisation's letters and documents? Does your report convince your colleagues? Do your strategy documents result in the required policy adjustments?

A well-written document is formulated in a customer-friendly manner, convinces the reader of your viewpoint, and serves as an incentive to take action. During this training you receive experience and expert guidance whilst practice formulating your documents in explicit, polished Dutch. You practice in preparing your letters and reports with an appropriate layout, and with readily-understood sentences and comprehensible sentences.

If you so require we can also provide for the development and implementation of a "writing style" for your documents, inclusive of spelling rules and examples of texts.

The objective of the training

Every training is unique. However, the objective is always the same: to improve the quality of your writing. On the completion of this course you will:

For whom is this training intended?

This training is intended for everyone who regularly writes or appraises business documents within companies, organisations of government bodies. The training is available both for individual participants and groups from one organisation.

We also provide special training programmes for groups which collaborate in the preparation of reports or policy documents, whereby the objective is to teach the members how to work together efficiently during the preparation of a coherent report.

How do we give the training?

Comprehensive intake meeting and customised learning plan
During the intake meeting held before each training programme we work together with you on the preparation of an inventory of your learning goals and any writing problems, where relevant. This inventory is in part based on documents written by the participants. The participants also take a brief test.

We use the information obtained during the intake meeting to draw up a customised learning plan for your organisation which incorporates the objectives and our recommendations for the method to be used.

Practice-oriented programme
We give preference to the use of documents from the participants' day-to-day work for the training programme, since this offers an optimum combination of training and practice. The training is focused on writing, and the theory serves solely to provide support. The participants receive comprehensive feedback on their documents during the lessons, and have an opportunity to edit them. Consequently the training achieves immediate results.

During the training the participants receive an explicit syllabus with relevant examples and directions.

The participants receive a certificate of participation at the end of the training.


Since we do not make use of standard programmes we are able to consult with you when determining the duration and location of the training. However, we do specify a minimum of two consecutive hours for a training session.

More information

You are welcome to Contact one of our branches for more information; alternatively, you can complete the online form to request our brochure.