In-company language courses

Talen Twente is specialised in the provision of language courses for companies and organisations, ranging from a beginners course in "German at the workplace" right through to a highly-specialised "English for tax lawyers" course. The groups are of a maximum of 8 participants, thereby assuring that all participants receive full attention from our professional language trainers. The course is designed in consultation with you to ensure that it is tailored closely to your organisation's needs, requirements and learning goals.

The courses are provided for all widely-used languages. Self-evidently, courses are also given in Dutch (both a "Dutch as a second language" course and, for example, a "Writing reports" course).

Results-oriented approach

The structured and result-oriented approach adopted by the Talen Twente language method enables you to achieve your learning goals. The programme is tailored closely to your organisation's needs, requirements and (learning) goals.

Comprehensive analysis and intake meeting

We conduct a comprehensive intake meeting in which we work with you in making an inventory of the (business) situations in which you will use your new language. This inventory is then used to determine the skills you will require and your further learning goals. The participants are tested on their verbal and written skills.

Customised learning plan

The test results are used to assign the participants to groups of equivalent level. The relevant trainer draws up a customised learning plan for each group which lays down the specified targets and how these targets will be achieved in an efficient and effective manner. In addition, the programme, assignments and materials used as examples are tailored as closely as possible to your organisation's situation.

Active involvement of all participants

The course is provided to small groups. The design of the course, in addition to providing time for the direct transfer of knowledge, also allocates ample time to work forms such as role-playing and group discussions. These result in the continuous active involvement of the participants and, in so doing, increase their self-confidence in speaking their new language. Self-evidently, when ever possible the participants communicate in the new language during the course.


Our courses focus on the applicability of the new language at the participants' working environment, and consequently the study material, work forms and terminology are tailored fully to the level of the group and the professional situation in which they will use the language. This approach ensures that your staff can make immediate practical use of their new language.

The participants can also make use of our telecoaching services in between the lessons: for example, questions about specific professional terminology can be submitted to the trainer by telephone or e-mail (you can contact our translation agency for complete translations of texts).

Enhancement of professional skills

If so required the courses can be supplemented with specific modules designed to enhance the professional skills of your staff and yourself, such as the 'Presentation Skills' or 'Métodos de negociación' modules.

Examinations and evaluation

On request the in-company courses can be concluded with an examination. You will in any case receive a final report at the end of the course which lists the results achieved by the participants and specifies the extent to which the original learning goals have been achieved.


The frequencies and times of the courses (during the day or during the evening hours) can be scheduled in consultation with the client and in accordance with the client's wishes.

Use of the Internet or intranet

If so required the participants can also access the training modules and exercises via the Internet or their company intranet. Software can also be provided for an in-company audiovisual practical. We will be pleased to discuss the options with you.


We welcome opportunities to make use of our qualities and capacities and qualities to achieve an optimum result for you and your staff. Since we offer customised courses we will be pleased to prepare a quotation for you on the basis of a thorough inventory of your needs and requirements. Please contact one of our branches for a quotation.