Self-study with TellMeMore®

Talen Twente's online use of the TellMeMore® study package for its e-learning programme offers you a simple and efficient means of learning a language. Since TellMeMore® contains a wide range of language exercises you can tailor the programme precisely to your learning goals. TellMeMore® enables you to achieve maximum efficiency from your language course.

The major benefit offered by learning a language online is the ability to follow the course at the time and location that suits you. However, this does not imply that everything is left up to you. During your course you receive assistance from one of our experienced expert trainers, who coaches and supports you while you learn the language. In addition, you and your trainer receive detailed interim reports of your progress during the language course.

TellMeMore® is ideally suited to use as a self-study programme. The following assistance is provided with this form of training:

What you need for TellMeMore®

TellMeMore® requires a PC with at least Windows 95, 32 MB RAM, a sound card, and a CD-ROM player, as well as an Internet connection and an e-mail facility. You receive the licence and headset from Talen Twente. Self-evidently, the programme can also be installed on a company intranet; we will be pleased to provide the technical details.

The licence

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