Professional and personal: Dutch for everyone

“The professional approach and my highly experienced trainer made the Dutch course extremely useful and educational for me. I still benefit from the course every day, both in my private life and at work"
Loi Nguy, Ministry of Justice


Do you wish to speak better Dutch for your work, or to converse in Dutch more easily? Do you require an in-company programme for your personnel? Or a course for your municipality? Talen Twente offers a broad range of intensive and practice-oriented courses in the Dutch language and culture for non-Dutch speakers and Dutch speakers, either as individuals or in groups - we supply a customised course in the Dutch language.

A learning plan in consultation with your trainer

When you opt for an individual Dutch-language course a programme will be prepared which is fully tailored to your requirements and business priorities. We begin by making an inventory of the specific situations in which you plan to make use of Dutch. Once we have tested your entry level a learning plan is drawn up in consultation with your personal trainer.

Tailored to your diary

During the individual course you develop your language skills in collaboration with your personal trainer. The intensive method ensures that you rapidly acquire an adequate command of Dutch. You can plan your training sessions at the times that suit you; you can, for example, opt for a number of consecutive whole days, or for one or two half-days a week. The individual sessions can be supplemented with self-study using audiovisual aids, exercise programs, or telecoaching.

For non-Dutch and Dutch speakers

The individual course is intended for non-Dutch speakers who wish to improve their speaking and listening Dutch-language skills in practical situations, as well as for Dutch speakers who wish to improve their knowledge of the language or specific elements of their command of Dutch, such as their writing skills. You can begin the course at any time you require; you are welcome to make an appointment for an intake meeting - entirely without obligation.

Group courses for non-Dutch speakers

We regularly begin new Dutch language courses for groups that are specifically intended for non-Dutch speakers. During a 10-week period you learn to speak and understand everyday Dutch. Role-playing and discussions enable you to develop a broad vocabulary, and you become more self-confident when speaking Dutch.

We make a distinction between the levels for the group courses in Dutch, namely beginners, elementary speakers and advanced beginners (to NT2 inclusive). We work in small groups to make sure that all participants receive ample personal attention. Participants who successfully complete the course receive a certificate of participation. Are you interested in the group Dutch-language course? If so, you are welcome to contact our branch in your region, or visit us for an intake meeting entirely without obligation.