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Internationalisation, globalisation and conducting business with or in a foreign country: all result in a constant flow of printed and digital documents and texts. These documents are an essential element of the communications with your international relations, and consequently accurate and professional translations are essential to effective communications in other languages and to the full protection of your company's interests.

Elycio (formerly Elsevier) Text & Translation has many decades' experience with the translation of every conceivable type of text for a wide range of organisations in almost every sector. Elycio Text & Translation's expertise ranges from technical manuals to annual reports, brochures to export documents, and websites to medical files: we will be pleased to supply your needs for translations to and from virtually every language.

Our translators have a broad expertise in an extremely wide range of disciplines including technology and engineering, the environment, management, ICT, Human Resources, finance, medicine, law and marketing. Consequently we always seek a perfect match between the text (the subject) and the translator (the discipline). In addition, we always select the translator with the appropriate native language: all our translators translate into their native language. We maintain a terminology databank for each client to enable us to verify the consistency of successive translations.

Experienced correctors review each translation before delivery. Consequently you can rest assured of receiving a perfect translation tailored to your target group.


Elycio Text & Translation can supply you a professional interpreter possessing the requisite knowledge for all your interpretation needs at your business meetings, product presentations, conferences and congresses. Click here for more information.


Self-evidently, you can also submit us previously-translated texts or texts drawn up by your organisation. Every carefully-prepared text 'deserves' a second reader to achieve the best possible result! Our editing services are also based on native-language selection and the best possible match between the text (the subject) and the translator/corrector (the discipline).


A team of experienced, creative copywriters is ready to draw up your texts in the language of your choice. Self-evidently, we begin by reviewing the background to the text, its objective, and the target group to make sure we understand precisely what you need. In addition, it is essential that the style of the text is fully compatible with your organisation. Consequently we make thorough preparations:
consultation with you is the key to the result you require.


We can also add the finishing touch by laying out texts we have translated, edited or written for you. Documents created in Word are always delivered to you in the original layout. However, we can also offer an appropriate solution for documents created with a DTP programme. We will be pleased to provide you more information about these services.


The fees for translations, editing and layout are based on the quantity of the text as determined by methods including analyses with a translation tool (Trados). This analysis also quantifies any repetitions in the text, which reduce the total fee. In addition, the analysis identifies any segments of the text that have been translated earlier and stored in the specific client's terminology databank. Any such segments also reduce the total fee.

You are always welcome to send your texts to us to request a quotation entirely without obligation. We will submit a statement of the total costs to you within hours of your request.

Our copywriting services are determined on the basis of an inventory of your needs and the objective of the text. This inventory serves as the basis for the quotation. You are welcome to contact us for more information.

Delivery times

We endeavour to deliver all translations, editing and text designs as quickly as possible. Our comprehensive team of translators, correctors and copywriters enables us to meet even the tightest deadlines. Our quotations specify when you can expect to receive your text.


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All our quotations and agreements are governed by the ‘Elycio Talen General Terms and Conditions’.